Energy Optimised Through Smart Connected Products

At Dhi Energy, we use sustainable methods to develop innovative products backed by research. Our goal is to employ our products towards a greener, better future through energy efficiency.

The hindrance to IoT adoption can only be overcome when enterprise-grade products are adapted for everyone's needs.

CEO, Dhi Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

What We Do

Research & Development

We do research about the latest and existing technologies for developing IoT-enabled products that refine comfort.

Circuit Design

Whether it be analog, digital, or power circuits, our designers do it all.

Embedded Hardware

The design and engineering of remotely controlled sensors and actuators is what we do.

Embedded Software

Our coders develop firmware that integrates the hardware systems with the application interface.

A team of passionate individuals working towards a greener future.

We are Dhi Energy – a young company full of geeky inquisitives. Although differing in personalities, we work together to achieve one goal: improve energy efficiency via our products. The driving force behind this goal is our vision of a world that is environmentally sustainable with an enhanced quality of life.

To realise this vision, we design and build smart, IoT-centric products backed by in-depth research and created through innovation. Our strong belief is that our products will only be optimised when our employees are optimised. To that endeavour, work-life balance is at the forefront of our work culture.

Advanced Technology. Easy Implementation.

End Point Energy Management

Using automated smart devices that save energy, we offer end-point energy management that helps reduce power consumption.


We offer products that are designed for quick installation, so you don’t have to wait long for upgrades.


Our products can be easily incorporated into your existing system, which makes it easy for you to upgrade your home to a smart home.

Complete Solutions

In order to provide complete solutions, we combine light hardware with intelligent software.

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